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Apricot Brandy by Lynn Cesar

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Apricot Brandy

"Earth's eldest god, resurgent, makes war on humankind and a mayan wizardess awakens a woman and a man to passion and to combat. Lynn Cesar's writing is wild witchery!" - World Fantasy Award-winning Author Michael Shea

Dark Fantasy
ISBN: 9780809572045
304 pages, $6.99
Publication Date: January 2007

An exciting dark debut from Lynn Cesar

Deep in ancient Darkness where seed and spore and root and sleepless worm commingle -- Xibalba awaits. To the ancient god, human life has become a disease destroying the earth and the now-demonic Xibalba is coming to feed on the good and the evil alike, to scour humankind from the face of the earth...

Returning to the family homestead after her father's suicide, Karen Fox finds herself haunted by her past and bound by rage and guilt to a place she despises. Her lover, Susan, shows up help Karen confront her past, but she, too, is overwhelmed by malevolent powers that have seeded the earth with evil. Only Karen, ex-con Kyle, an ancient Guatemalan bruja named Quetzal, and an army of ghosts Quetzal commands stand between Xibalba and the annihilation of us all.

About the author

Lynn Cesar, a native of New York City, has a background in fine art, including holography and illustration. It was while she was illustrating the Popul Vuh that she became interested in Mayan mythology, and this resulted in Apricot Brandy, her first novel. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two children. Lynn's Web site is:

Lynn Cesar
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