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CONCRETE SAVIOR by Yvonne Navarro


"Twisted, urban fantasy noir full of cops and bullets and fallen angels. Yvonne Navarro crafts a hell of a story, a grim journey where one wrong step could mean death or damnation. A dark gem."
--Christopher Golden, Author of the Myth Hunters Series

June 2010
Mass Market Paperback
344 pages | $7.99
ISBN: 9781439191972

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They say no good deed goes unpunished.
Brynna Malak is living proof.

A fallen angel in human form, Brynna is trying to earn another chance at heaven. So far, her road to redemption is littered with casualties, especially since Lucifer's minions are intent on dragging her back to hell. And being mortal only got more complicated since Brynna became involved with Detective Eran Redmond. Still, Brynna's relationship issues-- like the fact that one glimpse of her can drive men crazy with desire-- may have to wait. A mysterious "hero" is saving Chicago's citizens from certain death, with strange and sinister consequences. Brynna knows too much about demonkind to believe in coincidences. Some dark force is at work here, and Brynna may be the only one who can stop it...

Second of the Dark Redemption Series!
Read about the first of the series: HIGHBORN.

Reviews of Concrete Savior

"4 STARS - The demon manipulating events in this story is not the same one from the previous title, Highborn. If anything, this demon is more devious. After all, saving the life of a mere human should not be something a demon would ever consider doing. Ah, but we have all heard about no good deed going unpunished, and Yvonne Navarro has taken that Murphy's Law and expounded on it. An intense walk on the dark side that will keep readers up way past their bedtimes. Yvonne Navarro's new series downright sizzles!"-- Huntress Reviews

"The latest Dark Redemption urban fantasy is a terrific tale that contains much more than just Brynna's efforts for redemption though she is the focus of the Navarro mythos filled with angels, demons, nephilim and humans (some are Quislings). The whodunit is clever and the cast powerful as fans will relish a walk on the dark side of Chicago."--Alternative Worlds

About the Author

Yvonne Navarro is the author of twenty novels, numerous short stories, and a nonfiction book. Her debut novel, AfterAge, was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, as was her novel deadrush, and Final Impact won both the Chicago Women In Publishing's Award for Excellence and the "Unreal Worlds" Award from the Rocky Mountain News. She and her husband live in Arizona with two Great Danes and a spoiled, over-sociable parakeet.

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