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Dancing With Werewolves by Carole Nelson Douglas

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Dancing With Werewolves

"In Dancing With Werewolves, there aren't just scary things under the bed, but in it, too! Carole Nelson Douglas invents an amazingly rich world of shadows come to life, demonstrating yet again that she has one of the most fertile imaginations in fiction." --Nancy Pickard, Edgar-nominated and Agatha-winning author of The Virgin of Small Plains

ISBN: 978-0809572038
382 pages, $6.99
Publication Date: October 2007

"The book is fabulous!"--Sherrilyn Kenyon, New York Times bestselling author of the Dark-Hunter series

"A wonderfully written story with a unique take on the paranormal."--Kelley Armstrong, author of Bitten

It was the revelation of the millennium: witches, werewolves, vampires, and other supernaturals are real. Fast forward thirteen years: TV reporter Delilah Street used to cover the small-town bogeyman beat back in Kansas, but now, in high-octane Las Vegas -- which is run by a werewolf mob -- she finds herself holding back the very gates of Hell. At least she has a hot new guy and one big bad wolfhound to help...

"Carole Nelson Douglas takes you on a wild ride to the Vegas of your nightmares--or maybe of your fantasies." --Rebecca York, USA Today-bestselling author of New Moon

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More Praise for Dancing With Werewolves
  • "Carole Nelson Douglas provide fans with an entertaining urban fantasy that rivals that of Kim Harrison and Kelly Armstrong. The protagonist jumps from the frying pan into the fire as she tries to stay one step ahead of her enemies and those who want to use her. Dancing With Werewolves is a mystical delight."- Alternative Worlds
  • "[T]his fantastic first of a new paranormal series might not be a shocker for urban fantasy fans...Douglas handles the premise with such spectacular style, it feels fresh...Douglas spices the action with fabulous characters: Quicksilver, Delilah's protective dog; CinSims (Cinema Simulacrums), dead celebrities recreated via science and magic; the oldest living vampire in Vegas, once a famous aviator; and Cocaine (aka Snow), a devilish albino rocker. Readers will eagerly await the sequel." (Starred Review)--Publishers Weekly
  • "With a brilliant eye for detail, Ms. Nelson Douglas demonstrates her creative talents with a captivating storyline and some of the most unique supporting characters around. This is truly a fantastic start to a series that paranormal romance readers are sure to enjoy."--Darque Reviews
  • "This is a smartly written, plot-driven, original novel that deftly combines the elements of fantasy, mystery, and romance to the well sated delight of the reader. Dancing With Werewolves is enthusiastically recommended."--Midwest Review of Books
  • "Carole Nelson Douglas's writing is crisp and edgy. Delilah's voice came through loud and clear, a perfect mix of hard-nosed reporter and small town girl. She's a likable character, the kind you would quickly become a best friends with. Dancing With Werewolves is a wonderful addition to the paranormal genre and I can only hope that we'll be seeing Delilah again."--BlogCritics
  • "[M]ystery meets paranormal with a touch of romance and intrigue added." --Scooper
  • "Fascinating combination of romance, mystery, fantasy, and paranormal....Douglas has definitely created a character and a setting that will keep readers coming back for more."--The Romance Reader
  • "Award-winning Douglas turns her hand to the urban fantasy genre, creating a savvy and highly inquisitive new heroine. This first-person narrative follows Delilah Street's journey into a creepy and dangerous new world, where telling friend from foe is not so easy. A wild new ride!"--Romantic Times Book Reviews
  • "In a genre that's quickly filling with authors left and right, Nelson brings a fresh and sassy voice to Delilah Street...Vegas has always been considered a bit strange, but in this alternative world, werewolves are literally running the town. Besides the werewolves, there are a few witches and other not quite humans that keep the plot moving and full of surprises....an odd blend of urban fantasy and film noir that is brought to life under the talented pen...hum... keyboard of Ms. Douglas."--ParaNormalRomance.org
  • "...one of the smoothest and most satisfying of the current flood of contemporary paranormal romances or whatever the category is calling itself these days. A second adventure is already in the works and I'm sure it will be a good one."--Don D'Ammassa
  • "A great read."--Curled Up With a Good Book
  • "Vegas is the usual neon-rainbow covering a cesspool with some even darker elements--and the occasional noir aspect of a film character showing up to lend a helping hand -- or not. Author Carole Nelson Douglas has an amazing ability to bring readers to a place. The plot keeps you reading...There are quite a few satisfying and macabre twists. While Dancing definitely falls in the fantasy classification, paranormal romance readers should find enough action to keep them interested. Anyone who enjoys Simon R. Green's Nightside series may very well like this book as well." --Rambles.net
  • Dancing with Werewolves is a good paranormal for readers who want a little more than steam in their romances."--Bookloons
About the Author

Carole Nelson Douglas, author of more than fifty novels ranging from sf/fantasy to mystery and mainstream/romance, has written fiction full-time since 1984, after several years as an arts and women's issues reporter with the St. Paul Pioneer Press in Minnesota.

She's written seven high fantasy novels and a pair of SF thrillers, and imported some fantasy notions into her mystery writing. The Midnight Louie series features a hard-boiled Las Vegas PI whose part-time, first-furperson narration reveals him as a "Sam Spade with hairballs."With her Irene Adler historical series, Carole became the first author to use a woman from the Sherlock Holmes stories as a protagonist, for which Good Night, Mr. Holmes was named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.

She's won or been short-listed for more than fifty writing awards, in nonfiction and the sf/fantasy, mystery, and romance genres, including several from the Romance Writers of America and Romantic Times magazine.

Carole and her husband, Sam Douglas, a former art museum exhibitions director and kaleidoscope artist, are kept as pets by four stray cats and a dog in Fort Worth, Texas. She collects vintage clothing, does a mean Marilyn Monroe impersonation, and, yes, she does dance, but not with werewolves. That she knows of.

Visit Carole's Web site: www.carolenelsondouglas.com

Carole Nelson Douglas
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