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Dark Maiden by Norma Lehr

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Dark Maiden

"DARK MAIDEN is an enthralling and entertaining dark fantasy that will bewitch readers with its hypnotic storyline. Readers will empathize with Sheila who has to cope with the loss of a child and supernatural attacks. Norma Lehr is a talented writer who somehow makes the events that take place in this tale as believable as her characters who behave in plausible manners. Once the audience learns what motivates each of them it is exciting reading about their encounter with and how they react to the supernatural."--Genre-Go-Round

Dark Fantasy
ISBN-10: 0809557800
ISBN-13: 978-0809557806
224 pages, $12.95
Publication Date: September 2007

A grieving mother's story about a demonic force that killed her baby seems preposterous--until other terrible events begin to occur. YA author Norma Lehr ratchets up the thrills in this crackerjack tale of supernatural suspense, her first novel for adults.

No one believes Sheila's tale of standing helpless witness as a mysterious veiled Asian woman stole her newborn son's soul. Has she had an encounter with the supernatural? Or is Sheila Miller mad, driven to insanity by the death of her newborn son?

Karl Miller, Sheila's rigid, insensitive husband, openly scoffs at the supernatural and is convinced Sheila is emotionally ill.

Theo Bernardis, her understanding but scientifically rational psychologist, says she isn't crazy.

Sheila's Aunt Iris, a middle-aged writer who is still something of a 1960s flower child, doesn't think her niece is mad, and knows that the rational doesn't always resolve every situation.

Chad Olson, with whom she feels an immediate and mutual attraction, sees no signs of psychiatric disorder, but begins seeing things Sheila claims not to see.

Something strange -- and deadly -- is happening to Sheila and those around her and no one has any answers. It takes the wisdom of an elderly Chinese gentleman investigating a more-than-100-year-old mystery to convince them that a supernatural solution involving a missing white jade amulet and a demonic fox-maiden is the only explanation that will save Sheila . . . and them all.

About the author

A multi-genre author of short stories and a middle-grade ghost series, Norma Lehr is former nurse and health food store owner from the Bay Area. She now lives in Auburn, California, in the beautiful Sierra foothills -- where Dark Maiden is set -- with her husband, Mel.

Visit Norma's Web site: www.normalehr.com

Norma Lehr
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