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Rags and Old Iron by Lorelei Shannon

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Rags and Old

"The mind can produce a darkness that's frightening, yet alluring and irresistible. In Rags & Old Iron, Lorelei Shannon gives a first-hand example of how far the mind can go when evil potions and spells are conjured up....Shannon magically whisks your mind away on a journey so full of twists, turns and excitement it makes you want to finish the book in one day. It's magnificent how you can visualize her characters and want to jump inside the book and put your two cents worth in to help....the book was great, I truly recommend it, it was incredible!."Rambles.net

"[S]uspenseful and creepy--just what a good horror novel should be." -- BookLoons

Dark Fantasy/Romance
ISBN 10: 0-8095-5624-3
ISBN 13: 978-0-8095-5624-3
288 pages $12.95
Publication Date: January 2007

College student Amy daydreams about romance with handsome pirates and sensual dark lords. But intense nightmares and hallucinations are robbing her of her sanity and destroying her health. Her friend Xavier, a Yaqui mystic, realizes her bizarre visions are real memories from Amy's childhood. A malevolent presence from her forgotten past has come to claim her, heart and soul; Amy and her friends are in dire danger. Louis, a handsome voodoo priest, can help, but even his powers and the strength of his love may not be enough to save Amy. When Evil loves you, can you ever truly escape its embrace?

"Fans of horror thrillers will want to read the terrific RAGS AND OLD IRON that grips the audience from the opening classroom sequence until the final dream occurs. Readers will wonder whether Amy is losing her mind and causing the terror that haunts her or is something wicked from beyond coveting her in a bizarre courtship. Lorelei Shannon provides a powerful tale that will have her audience desiring more as we wonder until the end whether this is a tense psychological thriller or a terrifying supernatural suspense."-- BookReview.com

"I was impressed with how full the plot was without being overwhelming. The story resonates with magic, romance, and a sense of impossible things come to life."--Front Street Reviews

About the author

Lorelei Shannon is a horror and dark fantasy writer, sculptor, and computer game designer. She is the author of numerous short stories, novels, and a game that was banned from three countries and Sears stores everywhere. Born in the Arizona desert, Lorelei learned to walk holding on to the tail of a coyote. She was a strange, fey child who kept to herself, and could often be found feeding flies to a big praying mantis in her mother's rose garden. Lorelei now lives in the woods outside Seattle with her beloved husband, two beautiful sons, a thundering horde of dogs and cats, and a really scary goldfish. Her interests include reading, gothabilly and psychobilly music, cultivating carnivorous plants, getting tattoos, the Rain City Hearse Club, and her 1947 Cadillac hearse, Annabel Lee.

Visit Lorelei's Website at http://www.psychenoir.com

Lorelei Shannon
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