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The Eternal Rose by Gail Dayton

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The Eternal Rose

"The Eternal Rose, is a must read. Dayton is a master at world building and she does it without ever breaking pace. She managed create a world so very different from our own, but also make the people in it so real." -- Dee's Book Dish

"[A] terrific conclusion to a fascinating fantasy although it helps to have read the previous two stories in the saga in spite a cleverly interwoven 'history'. Kallista holds the exciting plot together as she and her complicated multiple partners make the Dayton universe seems real, which is the key to this fine tale of magic, demons, and killers. Fans will appreciate the wrap up and cast a spell on the author for more tales in this inventive realm." -- Genre-Go-Round

Sensual Fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-809-57165-9
426 pages, $13.95
Publication Date: September 2007

"Don't miss this book! Or the series! Fantasy doesn't come any better than Gail Dayton and The Eternal Rose. Wonderful characters and a plot that draws you in and keeps you fascinated. I loved this book."
-- Robin D. Owens, author of Guardian of Honor & Heart Choice

It has been six years since the demons behond the rebellion in Adara were defeated, and Kallista Varyl was chosen as the new Reinine. But one demon -- with abducted members of Kallista's family in its possession -- escaped. Now, finally, word has come that the missing might be found in Daryath, the home her mate Obed abandoned. The Reinine, her now-royal family and all their children make a state visit, and disaster strikes: One of the godmarked is murdered leaving Kallista devastated and her powers weakened. There are children to rescue, slaves to free, the wicked workings of demons to set aright, and a ninth godmarked must be found to make the magic whole. Kallista, though, needs more than magic to heal her this time.

"Treachery within the family, romantic tensions straining to the breaking point, betrayal running through the core of the ilian--I literally held my breath through whole chapters of The Eternal Rose, half afraid to turn the page and see what new trouble awaited Kallista Varyl. I loved the first two books in this series, but the emotional charge of The Eternal Rose blew me away. Gail Dayton has created a beautiful, unique world and family structure with her The One Rose trilogy, and has done so both unabashedly and to great effect. I only wish there were more books to come!"
--C.E. Murphy, author of the Walker Papers series

About the author

Gail Dayton started writing about the time she could compose a logical sentence and can't remember a time when she wasn't playing make-believe, rearranging the world into something more exciting, more fun, more the way she wished it were -- with, of course, the action centering on herself.* Soon she was making up stories of her own and, eventually, writing them down -- she just kept going.

She's had many other careers including junior college history instructor, newspaper editorial staff, and paralegal for a rural prosecutor. Aside from "Mom," and "Gigi" to the grandboys -- the jobs that never end -- she likes writing books the best. Her latest project is novel New Blood.

Gail and her husband have just moved their now-empty nest from a small town in the Texas Panhandle to Galveston on the Gulf Coast. with her husband of many years.

Gail's Web site is http://www.gaildayton.com
Read her blog at http://magysty.blogspot.com

Gail Dayton
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