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The Sarsen Witch by Eileen Kernaghan

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The Sarsen Witch

"...a dense and gripping novel of the origins of Stonehenge. Full of references to the varied religious rituals of prehistory including goddess worship and an Atlantean mythos, its complex structure reflects the complexity of the society it represents." -- The Bookmark, B.C. Teacher Librarian Association.

"The Sarsen Witch is a delightful read...Kernaghan writes the way people ought to write; her prose has a smooth, poetic flow that draws you irresistibly into her world of horse tribes and clan- chiefs and Stonehenge, and the story of Naeri the witch." -- The Reader

Historical Fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-8095-7517-4
240 pages, $12.95
Publication Date: December 2007

A tale of magic, megaliths, and bronze-age high adventure.

Part of the award-winning "Grey Isles" trilogy and nominated for the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Award.

Young Naeri, the only survivor of her tribe, lives by her wits. Then she is captured by the horse-lords who have supplanted her people. She seems destined for a life of slavery--but the Mother watches over Her own.

Naeri can hear the voices of the stones; her birthgift is the earth-magic of geomancy. When the time comes to learn the language of the stones, Naeri finds a teacher. When the time comes to hear the voice of her own heart, she finds a man who loves her.

And when it is time to awaken ancient powers, it is Naeri who guides the building of the great stone circle. A Great Chief thinks it will be an eternal testament to his might, but Naeri knows the circle will harness the forces of both earth and sky and can be used to destroy the horse-lords and restore the rule of the witchfolk.

"THE SARSEN WITCH is a mesmerizing reading experience that depicts life in the Bronze Age of what will eventualy become Britain. Naeri is a survivor who will allows herself to be pushed so far before she goes her own way. It is fascinating to observe how Ricca holds the various horse tribes together using threats and gift...he is not a bad leader just a product of his time..." -- BookReview.com

"From Naeri's survival on her own, to the surprises awaiting her within the camps of the horse-lords, to Daui's manipulation of those around him -- including Naeri, the horse-lords, and the witchfolk -- to the friendship and love between Naeri and Gwi, this historical fantasy is compelling, twisting, and rich." -- Broadsheet

About the author

Eileen Kernaghan lives in New Westminster, British Columbia. Her eight historical fantasy novels reflect her lifelong fascination with ancient cultures and lost civilizations. The Snow Queen (Thistledown Press, 2000) won a 2001 Aurora Award for best Canadian speculative novel in English, while her YA novel The Alchemist's Daughter was shortlisted for a number of awards, including the Sheila Egoff Prize in Children's Literature. Eileen's latest book, Wild Talent, a YA fantasy set in the London and Paris of 1888, will be published in the fall of 2008.

Eileen's website is www.eileenkernaghan.ca and you can visit her blog at eileen-kernaghan.blogspot.com.


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