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Blood Heat

"Full of more interesting surprises than a candy store." --Charlaine Harris

"Keira Kelly kicks butt...Maria Lima writes hot action and spicy romance with a biting sense of humor, all deep in the heart of Texas. You'll be sucked in." --Dana Cameron, author of More Better Than Death

"Funny, sexy, mysterious, and lots of fun to read." --Nancy Pickard, author of The Virgin of Small Plains

November 2010
Mass Market Paperback
368 pages | $7.99
ISBN: 978-1439167779

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All's fair in blood and war...

Talk about wedding crashers from hell. Keira Kelly and her sexy vampire king, Adam, are about to tie the proverbial knot--sort of--when an uninvited blood relative shows up to cast a long, dark shadow over the happy occasion. Adam's brother Gideon comes bearing the one-size-fits-all gift of bad news: an ancient, convoluted Challenge thrown down upon the entire Kelly clan. It seems the dreaded forces of the Dark Fae have declared war on Keira's family, and at stake is the land that is rightfully theirs. But while the Kellys gather their troops in a historic San Antonio hotel to strategize, there's mayhem back in Rio Seco. The old cemetery is vandalized, fires break out, and--worst of all--the Kelly clan matriarch and leader, Keira's great-great-grandmother Minerva, goes missing. Should Keira risk breaking the Challenge rules by returning to her beloved home, or should she continue the waiting game that seems the only other option? With everything she loves and maybe even her life on the line, she has only one chance to get the answer right.

Fifth of the Blood Lines Series!

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Reviews of Blood Heat:

"The Blood Lines saga's latest installment continues to follow Keira Kelly's evolution into the leader of a powerful clan. Lima has created a highly intriguing cast of characters and set them in a world filled with dangerous magic and deadly power struggles. Join the excitement today! (4.5 stars; Top Pick)" -- RT Book Reviews

"Maria Lima knows how to take readers on an exhilarating escapade. With twists and turns, ups and downs, there is never a dull moment from cover to cover. The "Blood Lines" series is developing at a wickedly fast pace, never keeping avid followers wanting for long. Blood Heat is the fourth installment, following Matters of the Blood, Blood Bargain and Blood Kin. Readers are guaranteed another installment to follow as well. (4/5 Stars)"--Curled Up With a Good Book

"Blood Heat delivers a hell of a punch! With this book four of the Blood Lines series Maria Lima has outdone herself. Keira Kelly, the Kelly heir has returned to Rio Seco and thrown straight into missing werewolves in her territory. The mystery deepens and the tension ratchets up with each chapter ... and yet the book covers less than a week in Keira's life. This isn't a book where there is non-stop action. Instead we have mysteries and attacks, but a very solid dose of investigation and discussion that is riveting in its intensity. The writing is clear and the emotions honest. Sure, a great deal of the book deals with bigotry and there is some lecturing against it, but I found the parallels drawn between country Texas and lack of tolerance, and the paranormal fae, vampires and weres as opposed to humans well done.In fact, it was refreshing to read an Urban Fantasy that paid as much attention to thinking through the puzzle as it did to the tried and true 'kick-ass' action. And the ending...OMG this is so good!" (4 stars)"--Fangbooks

"This entry in the Blood Lines series continues several threads from the previous books while moving forward the relationships and growth of the main characters. While each novel grows out of what happened in the previous one, you could read them as a stand alone, but since Lima has added her own spin to some of the fantasy tropes, reading all the books will help you to understand this universe, which is so much like our own only with a hidden world of supernaturals living along side us.
Once more, just when you think things can't get any worse, they manage to pull themselves together and come out on top only to be broadsided by a totally unexpected (but fairly telegraphed) event that sets up the next book. Now, we just have to wait for the next installment to find out what happens next."--Gumshoe Review

"Werewolves, Vampires and Texas Football... and a Hell of a Great Read...BLOOD HEAT is the fourth book in Maria Lima's Blood Kin series. The contrast of the paranormal elements with rural Texas is compelling and realistic, providing a great basis for the strong storyline. Better yet, Lima has a vivid writing style that brings every dusty mile to life. She has a gift for creating characters and connections between them, and then connecting the reader to them on an emotional level. Unlike other series with entrenched characters, I was drawn into their world quickly and seamlessly, even though this was the first of the series I had read. I guarantee it will not be the last."--Fresh Fiction Reviews

Reviews of Blood Kin:

"Maria Lima has penned another top-notch paranormal thriller... A complex plot, superb world building and phenomenal characters spin BLOOD KIN into a dark and sexy urban fantasy."--Romance Junkies

"With each book the world gets richer in texture and detail."--SFRevu

"Ms. Lima has redesigned her roller-coaster storytelling to make it bigger and more exciting...I haven't enjoyed a series this much a quite some time."--Preternatural Reviews

"Book three reveals many twists, surprises, and strengthens the foundation on which the heir plot will grow in future stories."--Huntress Reviews

Reviews of Blood Bargain:

"This second book in Ms. Lima's Keira Kelly series is a real pager-turner...Both books are delightfully fresh and quite different from the dark, graphic paranormals flooding the market; but these are not light, fluffy reads, either. Ms. Lima has created a wonderful blend of paranormal, mystery and romance." (5 of 5 Stars)--Bitten By Books

"Blood Bargain is a great sequel in the new Blood Lines fantasy book series by Maria Lima....The storyline is wonderfully unpredictable and Maria Lima introduces several different types of supernatural beings which kept me intrigued and entertained."--Best Fantasy Stories

"...an interesting tale full of twists and turns.... Marie Lima takes readers on a ride that they soon won't forget. Full of magic and action this book keeps you interested until the end." Fresh Fiction

"[A] fabulous read."Flamingnet Reviews

"Urban fantasy fans are going to love this romantic fantasy...The mysteries and the town enhance Blood Bargain, a strong tale that fans of Kelly Armstrong and Kim Harrison will want to read." --Genre-Go-Round

"...I couldn't put it down. Maria Lima's second Blood Lines novel is even better than the first, a fun and sometimes poignant paranormal treat...."-- FantasyLiterature.net

"Maria Lima captures the essence of urban fantasy, mystery and romantic elements in Blood Bargain." -- SFSite

"...Lima has served up a braided tale of several plot lines that converge and twist about each other enough that a reader is kept solidly invested in finding the clues and hoping to reach the conclusion before Keira."--SFRevu

"Ms. Lima spins a suspenseful tale and packs it with paranormal elements that will hold the reader's attention to the end." Darque Reviews

"[A] wonderful supernatural filled sequel to the first book Matters of the Blood. With vampires, shifters and faeries all making an appearance, this series definitely covers the main paranormal genre favourites. Mystery, suspense and things that go bump in the night are all packed into this second part..."(A PNR Reviewer Recommended Read) -- Paranormalromance.org

Reviews of Matters of the Blood:

"Authors take note: Matters of the Blood is everything a paranormal novel should be. It has a deep (and baffling) mystery, plenty of action, tantalizing romance, a plot thick with twists and turns, and a unique locale as the story's backdrop...."--BookFetish

"Lima's Matters of the Blood is a seductive gem, with a soul of darkness that's as soft and sensuous as black velvet." -- Accent

"Another kick-ass heroine enters the paranormal arena in Lima's bloodthirsty whodunit. Feisty Keira narrates with a biting sense of humor...."(4 stars) -- Romantic Times

"Maria Lima rings some refreshing changes on the urban-fantasy formula in Matters of the Blood... [it] is quirky, sexy, sometimes quite funny, and worth reading if you're a fan of urban fantasies with a substantial helping of romance. (4 stars) -- Fantasy Literature

"A superb paranormal whodunit with a touch of romance and with plenty of interwoven subplots that will elate fans of various sub-genres, but the center holding this superb tale together is the likable Keira who makes the abnormal seem so normal." -- Alternative Worlds

"FIVE STARS!...Part mystery, part paranormal romance, and all suspense, I fully expect this author to gain a large fan base. Very well done!"--Huntress Reviews

"This is certainly a page turner! Expect to be left a little breathless, either through being seduced or horrified, it's all action, all the way!"-- Fangtastic Fiction

"Matters of the Blood is a new twist on the paranormal genre. Rich in paranormal activity, passionate and romantic moments, and a murder to solve is just the icing on the cake."--Romance Junkies

"All in all Maria Lima makes me break two of my longest standing rules since I've started this blog: I never give a first time author nor do I give the first in a series 4 stars. Matters of the Blood joyfully reminded me that rules are meant to be broken...Matters of the Blood receives a Classic rating of 4 out of 4 stars."--Preternaural Reviews

"A dark, seductive, and bitingly humorous debut novel...a must-read for fans of campy/creepy paranormal fiction....This is one paranormal super-thriller you should 'bump' to the top of your to-be-read pile." -- Heartstrings

"A great page-turner...." -- The Bookshelf Reviews

About the Author

MARIA LIMA is the author of the Blood Lines series from Juno Books: Matters of the Blood, Blood Bargain, Blood Kin, and Blood Heat. She was born in Matanzas, Cuba before the Revolution to a family of voracious readers and would-be writers. After her family emigrated to the United States, Maria discovered the magic of books. She started writing her own stories and has been at it ever since. Her writing turned corporate as she used her journalism degree to crank out marketing copy, feature stories, and book reviews. The fiction muse kept calling and, in the spring of 2005, was finally fed as Maria's first published short story, "The Butler Didn't Do It" was published in Chesapeake Crimes I and garnered an Agatha Award nomination for Best Short Story. Maria spends most of her days working at a Web agency in the D.C. area. Her evenings and weekends are spent writing.

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