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The Brimstone Kiss Cocktail

  • 2 jiggers Inferno Pepper Pot vodka
  • 1 jigger DeKuyper "Hot Damn!" Hot Cinnamon Schnapps
  • 2 jiggers Alize Red Passion
  • jalapeño pepper slice (optional)
  • 2 ounces Champagne (for second version)
Version 1: Pour all ingredients into a martini shaker with ice. Shake gently. Pour into a martini glass garnished with jalapeno pepper slice. A hell of a drink!

Version 2: Pour all ingredients into a tall footed glass filled with ice. Stir well. Top off with two ounces of your favorite Champagne. A perfect frothy but potent brunch libation that might lead to pleasant damnation.

A Devilishly Hot Drink's Genesis
(Excerpted from Brimstone Kiss by Carole Nelson Douglas)

Nicky sipped from his ever-present martini glass. "Better have an Albino Vampire before you approach the fellow. He's been drinking the house bourbon."

Hard bourbon just wasn't a Vegas drink. We like our vices more elaborate here. I looked at the martini glass with its opaque white brew turning crimson at the very bottom. I decided I needed to improvise something extra, something more stimulating for a drunk and dislocated CinSim.

I told the bartender as I eyed the usual wall of liquor bottles against the back mirror, "Something new, Lou. Pour two jiggers of the Inferno Pepper Pot vodka, a jigger of DeKuyper 'Hot Damn!' Hot Cinnamon Schnapps, and two jiggers of Alize Red Passion passionfruit, cognac and cranberry blend. It needs a jalapeno pepper on the rim if you use a martini glass, but leave both them out for now. Use a tall, footed glass and bring it to me down the bar in three minutes."

I took my Albino Vampire in hand and sauntered to the bar's darkest end. Holy star power! I instantly recognized the long-faced guy in the rumpled white tropical Bogart suit. It was Bogart in his second-most-iconic film role, Rick Blaine of Casablanca fame.

Bogey had always been more rough-cut than handsome, but he looked confused and morose now. As I hitched myself up on the barstool beside him, he flashed a sullen glance from under untidy brows, eyeing the Albino Vampire. "You drinking milk, sweetheart?"

"With a kick. Try some?"

"Nah. I don't drink booze I can't see through. Those are dames' drinks."

"You noticed." The point was, he hadn't, but now he gave me the once-over and obviously liked my vintage look.

The bartender brought over a tall, iced glass the color of a blood orange. "Try this instead of that straight rotgut," I urged.

"I can't quite see through it."

"You can't quite see through my gown but you still like it."

He eyed the bloody cocktail. "What's this called?"

What name would appeal to a tough guy like Bogey? "A . . . Brimstone Kiss."

"Sounds like something you'd sip on all night long and I'd knock back in couple slugs."

There were two ways to take that line so I sat pat and kept quiet.

He took the glass and a long swallow, then smacked his lips and nodded.

"Volcanic. What's a classy dame like you doing in a gin joint like this?"

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