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Riversend by Sylvia Kelso

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"If some writers' prose sings, Kelso's is an opera." - Lois McMasters Bujold

"A major new voice in fantasy. Read Sylvia Kelso: she's great!" -- Rosemary Edghill, author of Paying the Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Other Stories

Sylvia Kelso is a master of world-building, beautiful prose, and sheer romance." -- Delia Sherman, co-author of The Fall of the Kings

Trade Paperback Edition:
ISBN 0-8095-7329-6$ | $14.95
Hardcover Edition:
ISBN: 0-8095-7330-X | $29.95
362 pages

The Stunning Sequel
to the Highly Acclaimed

Fighting doubt and convention, beset with great challenge and facing profound change, Tellurith leads her displaced House to a new beginning and a different life in Iskarda--a life that includes men and women as equals. But the traditionalist Iskardans are outraged by Tellurith's policies and appalled by her love for two husbands: Alkhes--the rough, dark Outlander who brought Amberlight its doom--and golden Sarth, epitome of the urbane men of the Amberlight Towers. To achieve Tellurith's dream, both must re-shape their lives. To preserve the dream, all three must journey to Dhasdein's imperial capital of Riversend and face deadly menace and perilous machination.

"Australian fantasy author Kelso mimics the flavor and feel of her homeland in the rhythms of her prose, the descriptions of the landscape, and the tough, resilient nature of her characters."--Library Journal

"Kelso's prose is layered and sometimes lyrical, but never difficult to follow. This novel deserves to be widely read."--As If

About the author

Sylvia Kelso was born and lives in North Queensland, Australia, where she was telling stories almost before she could write. She has published poetry in Australian literary magazines and a national anthology, and has a Creative Writing MA for an alternate history/SF novel set in alternate North Queenslands. Her two previous fantasy novels, Everran's Bane and The Moving Water were published in 2005 and 2007. Her fantasies most often use an analogue Australian landscape, where bushfires and gum-trees appear along with dragons, mages and bards. In the Riverworld of Amberlight and Riversend the gumtrees are less obvious but landscape draws on more southern Australian states. Sylvia teaches at James Cook University in her hometown, and has published academic articles on science fiction and fantasy. She lives in a house with a lot of trees but no cats, and likes to play Irish whistle, and sometimes fiddle, with her friends.

Sylvia Kelso's Web site: http://members.iinet.net.au/~sakelso/


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